Acquiring Ptrint & P2B Productions


We are non-profit & generally not two smart. Most Ptrint & p2b publications can be obtained once attained. Short, single-run editions, single copy editions, ephemera, & found items in various formats & media are what we offer. Make a charitable donation & cover shipping to get your copy.

Here's How:


Email & inquire about availability, cost, shipping, etc., first.


Write a check/money order made out to any 4-star rated charity listed on Charity Navigator. Click here for that list.
Write "Ptrint" in the check's memo line. 
To keep things on the level, your check/money order must have your current address printed on it.
We cannot honor requests for charities not listed on Charity Navigator's current list.
No donations we do not physically mail are applicable.


Mail the check to us along with an unsealed self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) addressed to the charity you are donating to.
Your return address, not ours, should be in the upper left corner of the SASE.


Include a little something in the envelope to cover shipping costs.
This fee should be separate from the charity's donation check.


Email us after you drop your request in the mail, so we will expect your donation.
We are not responsible for lost mail/donations, so please make the donation in the form of a check or money order only, one that is previously filled out so only your charity can cash it.


When we receive your request/check, we will drop your donation SASE in the mail & ship your item out.